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What is a Somatic Activation Session?
Our bodies are storehouses of energy and information. They record and document every positive and negative experience in our lives. As a result, the cells of our bodies literally comprise our subconscious minds. Somatic (Body) Activation Sessions work with a person’s body, breath and awareness to help release long held traumas that are negatively impacting thoughts, emotions and energy levels. These techniques/exercises help activate the self-healing abilities that we all possess. Gale works to help release sadness, anger, fear and depression and activates joy, compassion, love and inspiration. Techniques and exercises used in each session can be learned and applied at home to re-activate the healing as necessary.

How often should a person have a session?
Most people have been thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions for many years, creating deep energetic patterns that make it difficult to shift these patterns of thoughts and feelings. Multiple session is recommended.
Gale Wulff’s March offerings at Four Moons
We recommend that the first session be 90 minutes to allow for in depth discussion of your needs as well as a full treatment session.  Subsequent session are 60 minutes.


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60 minute Past Life Readings$111
60 minute Somatic Activation Session$111
90min Somatic Activation Session$161


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