Crystal Reading + Terrarium Workshop

Join Rachael, from Infinite Succulent, and Jessica, from Jess Kay Crystals, in an immersive, meditative and energetic Crystal Healing & Succulent Terrarium workshop at the serene Four Moons Spa in Leucadia, Ca! Jessica, a certified crystal energy healer, will provide personal crystal energy reading sessions for all participants. Each participant will then receive 3 crystals to use within their succulent terrarium, based on their personal reading. Rachael, owner and creator of Infinite Succulent, will guide participants in making & maintaining a succulent terrarium. Each participant will leave with a unique, energetically aligned piece of personalized living art. All materials, raw crystals, a short meditation and giveaway drawings all included in ticket price!

Event Details

Date: September 22, 2018

Start time: 01:00

End time: 04:00


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