Feed Yourself First

Feed Yourself First
(a workshop for the overwhelmed women looking to identify barriers, clarify their intensions and map a plan) 
We will be identifying the barriers, breaking the unwanted cycles and patterns that get in the way so that you can attract and align with the optimal marriage partner, business partner, business idea, career path or overall happiness and worthiness in running a healthy family unit. This is will be done through a melting pot of methodologies, exercise, roles plays and ceremonies in the safe circle of women.
The leader of this workshop will be coming from the perspective and thinking backed by neuroscience, human dynamics, philosophy, spirituality, sales, branding and music.
  • Saturday Oct 6th
  • Starts 10am to 4pm
  • This workshop is designed for women
  • $300/ ticket
  • What you get for your money = Entry (dance, role plays, exercises, meeting new friends), lunch (vegan/vegetarian/meat eater friendly), healthy snacks, yummy dessert, drinks, an exercise book to take home
  • Bonus feature – a personal follow up meeting after event on how the implementation of the plan of attack is integrating into your life and an opportunity to join a “Talking Circle” of women to maintain what is discovered in the workshop
Instructor Bio:
Miya Mee-Lee Dias is an entrepreneur, tropical water lover, sales nut, yoga and latin music lover, vibrant mother/wife, and traveler of 20+ countries.  She left her thriving Los Angeles sales career to hop on a plane and trot around the world for one of the most impacting trips of her life. She developed a looking glass of the world that can never be altered after meeting international people, observing culture and customs, visiting magical beaches and energy sites to tasting food and hearing music special to each country. She spent the first 12 years of her life in Boston, then her teenage years in Hawaii and finished off High school in Davis CA. UC Santa Barbara was her ocean living college experience, then LA for the big career, a trip around the world for 1 year, Australia to have her 1st daughter and now Carlsbad, having her 2nd daughter and settling by the beach again. Miya was raised by a psychiatrist father and social worker/teacher/fulltime mother.  She grew up having “win-win” family meetings each Sunday with her brother and sister. Annoying at the time, but hugely beneficial in her later years. She now thrives in a healthy and happy marriage of 12 years along with her 2 little vibrant gems of daughters.

Event Details

Date: October 06, 2018

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 04:00 p.m.

Venue: Four Moons Spa


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