Sarah Martin

Family Doctor


Naturopathic Medicine

Medical Medium

Endobiogenic Medicine

Alternative Health Practitioner

Sarah is an intuitive medium, energy healer, and spiritual teacher specializing in healing the root cause of disease, disorders, and injuries. She facilitates dark nights of the soul, awakenings, and the transformation of emotional blocks and unwanted life patterns. She teaches each person how to connect and receive answers from their soul’s guidance system. Sarah provides a solid, safe container for the unfolding, deepening and healing of each client. She is known for facilitating physical healing when all other options and modalities have been exhausted. She is very familiar with seeing the impossible become possible.

Sarah’s journey to being a healer began with her own healing process in 2005 including overcoming migraines, chronic fatigue, and a wide range of other imbalances. Shortly after beginning her own journey, she began receiving extrasensory messages and intuitive guidance for her clients. At the time, she was an injury rehab specialist and bodyworker with a background in kinesiology, biomechanics, and neuro-kinetic therapy. Over the years she deepened and broadened her abilities addressing how energetics, emotion, and the mind create this physical world and channels unique solutions for each person.

Over the last year Sarah’s been doing her healing work in the Sacred Valley of Peru while also assisting people in integrating their plant medicine journeys. Sarah’s committed to making a big impact, helping people at their core, and bringing people more into their brilliance and radiant health.

Come see Sarah for exactly what your soul’s been seeking.

The first session entails:

  • Overview of what client would like to address.
  • Connection with each persons unique spiritual center and guidance system.
  • Invocation for the highest, most pure information to come through to address areas of clients’ interest.
  • Initial consult is recommended to be 90-120 min, but it can be done in a 60 min session if necessary.


To receive further information on service provided by Sarah Martin please call (760) 436-5140 or fill out the form below.


90 -120 min Full In Depth Healing Session$250
60 min Brief Healing Sessions$165
15 min Mini Reading$15


Address:775 N Vulcan Ave
Encinitas, CA 92024