Natural Indian Dyes On Textiles


About Adiv Pure Nature

The soul universally seeks the elusive serenity

A Retreat Within offers a truly meaningful collection of handmade props and accessories to support your body and mind as you practice. Bolsters, cushions, mats and meditation shawls provide functional physical support designed to heighten and amplify your retreat experience.

These beautiful one of a kind meditation products are made from hand-woven textiles and dyed in small batches using natural floral dyes created from reclaimed temple offerings; Marigold, Hibiscus, Coconut, and Rose.

Made by Adiv Pure Nature, a fair trade, a socially conscious non-profit that provides a creative teaching environment for a group of self-taught youth who come from challenging backgrounds in Mumbai. Through their work with Adiv they have become skilled, steady income earners and are empowered through both employment and creative freedom.

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