Willow Buckley, CCH

Willow Buckley CCH, is a certified classical homoepath, labor doula, and prenatal yoga teacher. Willow uses the whole person approach to healing with Homeopathy because it truly is an individualized medicine. One can’t leave out the mental and emotional sphere and only focus on the physical body or vice versa.

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Willow Buckley CCH, is a certified classical homoepath, labor doula, and prenatal yoga teacher. She first combined her holistic interests with her medical science studies while earning a Bachelor of Science in Neuropsychology from the University of California Santa Barbara.  Continuing her search and passion for a whole healing approach, Willow ventured into homeopathy, where she has helped families and individuals of all ages handle everything from anxiety and depression to morning sickness and sore throats. She is a fervent proponent of the body’s power to heal itself.  She continues to educate herself and therefore her clients about the immune system, its function, and purpose and how to support it from the inside out.  Homeoprophylaxis, using homeopathy to educate the immune system, is her most recent addition to her practice.  Over ten years ago when her own pregnancy and motherhood were on the horizon, her focus turned to the womb, leading her down her current path as a birth maven where she guides and supports women prenatally, through birth and postpartum.   She is also the co author of the  book, How To Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30.

ON MY BOOKSHELF: Just finished…Fiction- The Wicked Deep  Non Fiction- Glyphosate Free
HEALTH HABIT THAT CHANGED MY LIFE:  So many! But if I can only choose one I’d say the power of my breath.  
ALWAYS IN MY FRIDGE: Homemade Kombucha, Radishes, Raw Cheddar, Siete Tortillas
MY CURRENT MANTRA: Gratitude and Laughter- they heal from the inside out.
Acute Consultations
These appointments are designed for short term afflictions such as colds, ear infections, flu, fevers, symptoms during pregnancy, breaks, sprains and much much more. This appointment includes homeopathic remedy protocol, lifestyle/supplemental/digestive and home remedy recommendations with follow up for one week via email or a quick phone call.  Remedies and supplements are not included.  Some acute ailments require more than one appointment.
30 min in person or via Skype or FaceTime: $70
Constitutional Consultation
Treatment for long term or chronic repeating ailments ranging from anxiety, migraines, GI issues, eczema, chronic ear infections, respiratory conditions, rebuilding the immune system after medications or allopathic treatments  and much more.  This appointment also includes the first follow up.  During this type of appointment we will thoroughly assess the details of the physical, emotional and mental sphere since they are all connected.  Looking at the symptoms and systems that need strengthening/balancing so that we can find the remedies and healing protocol to fit the person specifically.   Homeopathy is not a one size fits all medicine.
1.5 to 2hrs : $295 (Adult) $245 (Children)
Prenatal Assessment/Support
If you aren’t sure about hiring a doula or have a doula but want to understand more about how to create a healthy vessel for your baby you can schedule a 1.5 hour consult to go over your needs and I’ll customize a plan you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.
1.5 hr : $200
Doula Packages
I provide all sorts of assistance for doula services.  Please contact me directly for more details.
You can learn more at www.balancingyourhealth.com