Dr. Megen McBride

I truly believe we each have an innate and powerful ability to heal without limits. The body is intelligent; the biological systems within us run in an orderly and intelligent way

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True healing is a journey of self-discovery. Healing requires a deep and personal plunge into ones past, accepting present conditions without self-criticism, and courage to move into a future with faith and hope that when our body, soul, and mind align, miracles can happen.

I truly believe we each have an innate and powerful ability to heal without limits. The body is intelligent; the biological systems within us run in an orderly and intelligent way. We can ind the wisdom, truth, and strength to make healing changes when we better understand the physical and spiritual needs of our body and mind.

Growing up on a small farm surrounded by an agricultural community allowed my childhood compassion and curiosity plenty of space to grow. I learned at a young age how the seasons created rhythms of planting, sowing, birthing, growing, and beautiful maturing and aging. Love of nature, creation and hard work has always been a part of who I am.

My formal medical training began as I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology/pre med from Brigham Young University, Utah. My initial goal was conventional allopathic medical school. However after working in various medical positions I determined that allopathic or conventional medicine was not for me.

One job in particular made a big impression. During my undergrad I worked as a medical assistant for an anesthesiologist. I saw many good people become reliant on, or more accurately, addicted to opioids and other types of pain relieving treatments, including morphine pumps and more. I saw how too often people shifted from the hope of healing disease and managing pain to focusing solely on managing and silencing symptoms. This experience signiicantly affected me and helped me understand the limitations of conventional thinking.

My own healing journey led me to understand that healing can be more effectively and rapidly achieved when a group of dedicated healers are communicating and working together on behalf of one patient. Finding a community of healers that align with your health goals and personal nature is like inding a priceless treasure. This is just one reason why I’m so excited to be working at Four Moons. As a naturopathic doctor I wanted to work within a group of dedicated healers willing to go beyond the conventional models of symptom management and combine modern medical wisdom with natural and spiritual therapies.

My particular areas of interest are women’s health, pediatrics, chronic disease, and restorative/anti-aging medicine. Modalities I practice are botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, energetic medicine, nutritional and nutraceutical supplementation, balancing hormones and endocrine function, hydrotherapy, prolotherapy, functional neurology, and lifestyle counseling.
I also have a deep appreciation and respect for the dynamic and changing health care needs of families. As a mother of ive children, and as a daughter of aging parents, I appreciate the importance of balancing life with its unique nutritional and hormonal changes from birth to death. I also believe a person’s health has far reaching impacts not only to one’s self but also to one’s family, friends and in a larger sense their community.

It is my goal as a naturopathic doctor to be a teacher and guide, as well as a witness of the great healing that can occur when a patient is able to listen and learn from their own bodies wisdom, align with their purpose, and ind greater hope and peace through their healing journey. I’m so excited to work with you!