Kim Hassey

I have been very blessed to be guided by some amazing and very respected wise women in this field who are still guiding me today.

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Kim X Hassey is a Cosmic Mystic Psychic who connects with upper dimension-light beings to uplift, inspire and help you get connected to self. She taps into pure divine information. Kim also conducts energy clearing within your energetic field releasing anything holding you back from moving forward for your highest good. The focus is placed on any concerns/issues where you are wanting guidance or validation. Kim can provide insight into any area you are seeking support on including love, relationship, career and financial. The information you receive can provide clarity and a map towards living your best life

What is a Lightbody by Tashira Tachi-ren and The Women of Lemuria by Monika Muranyi

Anyone who is fully embodying their own authentic self unapologetically.

Peru! I love that place

Helping others to get connect to source energy & awaken souls to 5th dimension to create freedom from within

What to expect in a reading;
+channeling high upper dimensional light beings helping to create & serve this new earth
+psychic info
+energy clearing; In this life or past life that’s hindering you from moving towards your greatest path
+Guidance on career, love, relationship, finances
+past life information
+loved ones
+ reminding you where you came from & you’re the creator of your own life as a Multi dimensional being

KIm’s story:
A little about me, I tapped into the mystic world about 13yrs ago. I had just moved to CA from Tucson, Az, where I am originally from. I ended up at a circle led by Heather Lindemann; an incredible helper, healer-guide who I have studied with for 13 years. Like so many of the best experiences, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! It turned out to be the best choice for me and launched me onto my spiritual path. I now offer my own Mystic circle. I know how much these circles have helped me over the years and so I am passionate about offering that guidance and connectedness to others.

For me, it really began with feeling the angelic realms. As I was learning to trust myself and listen to guidance, I practiced for years on family members, co- workers and friends. I believe we all have the ability to connect to the divine. I have been very blessed to be guided by some amazing and very respected wise women in this field who are still guiding me today. Everything I channel and teach in my practice is something that I have done and/or experienced.

When I discovered my abilities I was discovering myself, my true calling in life and my passion. I use my abilities to help inspire, uplift and most importantly to help you to connect to your higher self. When I channel, it isn’t just about providing the client with answers, yes I do tap into psychic information timelines past lives and more BUT more importantly to get you connected to self so you are able to have this divine connection as well.