Amy Litteral

I came to this work after having experienced a personal hardship in my life and a friend invited me to a couple’s yoga class. My life was changed, forever.  I am a Scorpio sun with a Cancer moon and I mean real emotional business! I am a truth teller and appreciate honesty it gives more time for fun and less drama.  I am an artist at heart, my latest passion is creating flowers mandalas!

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I am Amy Litteral.
I have a beautiful son and a wonderful husband. I have been teaching Kundalini yoga and mediation for 9 years.

Kundalini yoga/ mediation has changed my life and it is one of the greatest gifts to get to share these practices with the Four Moons community. Kundalini is different from other branches of yoga you may have done before. It uses sound/mantra, breath work and movement to create an energetic effect inside the body. One of the things I love about this type of yoga is that there is literally a yoga set/Kryia for anything you may be experiencing in life. There is a yoga set to heal the adrenal glands, to help with communication/ 5th chakra, heal a broken heart. This practice is an incredible tool. They call kundalini yoga the yoga of awareness, because of its transformative effects. Through the years I have taught Kundalini in rehab centers helping people overcome addiction. I also teach prenatal kundalini yoga to empower women. on their journey of motherhood. Another thing I adore about this practice is it is for anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be flexible or experienced. With this type of practice just being in the room has an energetic effect on your system. Wear comfy clothes and come elevate with us.
Much Love,