Rita James

I came to this work after having experienced a personal hardship in my life and a friend invited me to a couple’s yoga class. My life was changed, forever.  I am a Scorpio sun with a Cancer moon and I mean real emotional business! I am a truth teller and appreciate honesty it gives more time for fun and less drama.  I am an artist at heart, my latest passion is creating flowers mandalas!

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Rita’s Yoga Philosophy
I teach all my classes based in and around life experiences that I believe we all share.  I like to convey that human connection and caring is vital for a healthy nervous system and planet. I believe that our humanity lies in our most vulnerable moments; my classes support this type of awakening through healing postures and touch.

I want my students to know that I am not a guru.  I am woman that is intuitive and can support you in your development of what is calling you forward.  In doing so you become your own guru. I am just a guide.

In my class 
Come to my class prepared to feel a full range of emotions, maybe the ones that you’ve been trying to suppress. A portion of my restorative yoga class is based in touch and emotional release. Often times during an emotional release there is crying, I encourage you to flow with what arises.

I use special blends of essential oils that I travel to Josuha Tree on a regular basis to get. They provide a real loving touch and scent. Wear comfortable clothing and let go of all expectations that you may have of yourself or anyone else upon entering this sacred space and class.

On My Bookshelf
The Other Americans A Novel by Felice Laverne S
A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How It Can Transform Your Life by Eddie Stern

Current Passion
Flower mandalas for ritual ceremonies

My Favorite Destination for Inspiration
Joshua Tree for silence and clarity

3 Daily Wellness Habits
1. Breathing
2. No heavy conversations after 8pm
3. Dancing. So much more!!!

My Current Mantra
Rise, and the rest will follow.