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Dr Amy Chadwick ND is committed to her own authentic expression, to a passionate, engaged life, and to assisting her patients in understanding their own bodies and cultivating the patterns that allow each person, family and community to vibrantly thrive.

As a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Amy is trained in the intricacies of human physiology. As an avid student and teacher of Integrated Systems Biology and Endobiogenic medicine, she has cultivated ways to pull the puzzle pieces of a life together to understand how and why we each go out of balance in specific ways. By understanding the individual needs, stresses, lifestyle demands, patterns, and beliefs that may be limiting an individual, Dr Amy makes specific, unique patient-centered recommendations. Her treatments may involve individualized nutrition (healthy, sustainable eating), lifestyle modifications, and herbal medicine; as well as energetic treatments such as homeopathy and flower essences. Dr Amy also uses sound, movement, laughter, and play therapeutically.

Dr Amy honors that the body operates in rhythm with nature, each cell communicating with the rest of the body and with our greater world through harmonic vibration. By removing the obstacles to healthy communication, by cultivating grace and self-love, by supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to detoxify, adapt and perform optimally; a vibrant, thriving life is attainable and sustainable.

It is a great joy and honor to be a part of 4Moons cultivating individual, community and global wellness. Dr Amy offers individual patient care for children and adults. She also offers workshops, sound healings, and retreats.

“If you’re looking for the best Naturopath in San Diego and beyond (even if it means traveling!)… it is Amy Chadwick ND. She is a true gift and offers such a unique perspective on medicine, one that allows me to relax and heal knowing she really understands me and my body’s terrain and patterns. I’m eternally grateful for all she has done and is doing with me even now that I’m living in Hawaii!

She specializes in Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrative Physiology, something that gives a magic touch to her work because it focuses on body systems rather than individual organs when it comes to chronic disease, women’s health, and pediatrics, and so much more! SHE ROCKS! I’m happy to share my individual experience for anyone considering seeing her, since I believe without her I wouldn’t be where I am today with my health.  Feeling so blessed after our phone session today, I had to share!” – Jacquelyne

To read more about Dr Amy, please visit her website at www.soaringcraneclinic.com. To set up a free 15 minute consult to meet Dr Amy and determine if this is the path you are called to for healing, please call (858) 332-1645.


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