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Fati guides people along their journey to self awareness, transformation and change. Using tools she has learned through Integrative Institute of Nutrition, leadership trainings, her own developed intuition and previous careers, she helps people navigate through the tough terrain they are experiencing. Guiding clients on how to listen within, finding the courage to act on behalf of their higher self. Through daily practices, self homework, action plans, accountability and real honest reflection through conversation, Fati Marie holds a space for clients to release self judgement and blocks to achieve all their goals in their personal, business and spiritual lives!


“Fatima is an amazing coach! She helped me in so many ways. She is very organized and reliable. We did several phone sessions and I could always count on her to be in time every week and hold me accountable! She has many steps to help enlighten your mind and soul! She has helped me meditate & help me manifest my goals & dreams. Anyone looking to get that extra boost in life or help you get back on your path to the next step of your journey Fatima is a wonderful life coach to do that with! Through coaching, books, and meditation she is a great place to start looking for help. I highly recommend her and give her 5 stars.” – Adriane from Anaheim

“Fati is the most incredibly insightful and helpful life coach imaginable. She’s able to use her own experiences and knowledge she’s gained throughout her life to assist others facing challenges, going through hardships or really just taking on day to day living! On top of that she’s just a sweet and caring individual and I am so thankful that our paths crossed. I can not stress enough how great she is, if you’re looking for someone to help you get organized, get a hold on life and get motivated then you have found the right woman for you. She’s helped me so much in the last couple months of working with me, because of her I’m able to say I’m back on track with school, my relationships around me have improved and I have a better presence in my everyday living. She’s the best!” – Jordan from Carlsbad






These sessions are deep, real and I want you to let it all out here.  There are so many things in our lives that we feel we can’t control or where we feel like we must settle and just deal. Not only is this not true, but there is a way out and fresh starts are real and you can make it happen! Life deserves to have every day be amazing and if it isn’t, let’s figure out why. I find this process very special and private and I honor the space that we have together. I’m here to listen, help and guide. I’m here for you. We cover all areas of life: Health, Home, Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Goal Setting and Accountability.

Sessions can be provided as a one time option or repeated occurrence for continued life enhancement. Sessions are available in 60 minute and 90 minute increments.

To read more about Fati Marie, please visit her website at www.fatimarie.com. To set up an session or a free 15 minute consult to meet Fati, please call (714) 616-4699 or the Four Moons front desk at (760) 436-5140.






Sip & Soul Sessions are held on Sunday mornings, where community comes together and Life Coach Fati Marie holds a group coaching hour. Topics vary week to week as we allow Source to guide us through what needs to be talked about and healed. No topics are off limits, everyone is welcome and encouraged to share. Coffee and creamers are provided, bring your own fun mug to stay green! Start your mornings off with deep soul love and sip your coffee with us! See you at 8am! $10 to join!



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