Human Design is literally for EVERYONE – the mystic, the engineer and the mom/parent. When speaking to an engineer or a business person I describe HD as a system that highlights strengths and provides insights on how to amplify them individually as well as in a team. And what role strategy should play in business planning and scaling. When discussing HD with a mystic I’ll speak about its ability to let them know what kind of empath they are and how to clear stuff from the day, what their psychic abilities are, and how to anchor within themselves with confidence and grace. And with the parent I’ll be real, quick, and to the point, providing the most helpful tips on how to navigate life to best support themselves as well as their little ones.
As you can see Human Design can apply widely. It’s insane how deep and vast the information truly is. More technically Human Design is a system that combines different schools of thought together, such as Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, Chakras, and Quantum Physics. It’s unique gift to the world is its deep insight into who you were before you became what the world told you to be. Finally, at its core it’s about how to make decisions that are aligned with you and that have your best interest in mind. That is Human Design.
How Human Design Found Me:
I first heard of Human Design on a Podcast over four years ago. Immediately the system captivated me more than any other system ever had, I think because it’s so weirdly accurate and practical. I remember looking at my chart for the first time with total fascination and resonance. I recall the chart feeling alive and like it was speaking to me, all I had to do now was to learn the language and share this incredibly intimate and helpful information with everyone and anyone. So I did just that. Originally self-taught I now have formal training and I get to read charts world-wide virtually and in-person in Southern California. It transformed my life more than just professionally. Since discovering Human Design I can say that I’m more honest with myself and therefore with everyone else I have the pleasure of interacting with. I know myself. I know what I want. I know what I don’t want. The biggest gifts it’s given me is CLARITY and the confidence to act on that clarity. Especially having seen it work over and over again. It’s a fail safe system for decision making, a game changer.
Where To Start With Human Design:
Start with the Energy Type. Your Energy Type is foundational and the way you optimize your unique energy in all areas of life such as relationships, work, sleep, digestion/nutrition, recreational, creative etc. Essentially this is how you create ease and flow in your life.
The Five Energy/Aura Types:
Projectors are the new kind of CEO. Their special gift is the ability to SEE into systems. The gift they bring to relationships, work, and to life is their ability to read energy and provide tweaks/insights that create efficiency gains for everyone involved. Ultimately creating more leisurely space for everyone to enjoy. Their biggest challenge is wanting to keep up with the rest of the world. Therefore, they find balance when they realize their worth is inherent and not tied up to how busy they can be.
Generators are born to SHINE. When they shine the rest of the world feels the warmth and benefits from it. Think Oprah and Beyonce! The key to shining bright is trusting their joy. Literally their joy leads the way and the more excited about an engagement they are the more they’ll shine. Learning to say NO to anything they don’t care to do is the quickest way to balance out a burn out and dimmed Generator. A Generators greatest duty is then to follow their excitement.
Manifestors are born trailblazers who are here to have FUN. Traditionally, Manifestors set the rules for everyone else to follow. Now, Manifestors all they want to do is what they want, when they want. Leave them to their urges, impulses and nudges, when a Manifestors declares a movement or a project and you’re interested – joy in, if not don’t! It’s truly that simple. Manifestors need rest between surges of energy and creative impulses, learning to honor those spaces of inaction is super important – that space brings balance and preparations for the next surge of energy.
Reflectors are born to feel, see, and experience it ALL. Super rare type making up less than 1% of the population. Reflectors have the potential to be the wisest members of their community. Due to their highly receptive natures spending alone time in nature or around little kids can be really rebalancing. Also understanding that you operate energetically differently than 99% of the population can bring some perspective around how you feel, see, and understand the world. You’re truly as unique as it gets!
Manifesting Generators are born to rise above any set limits and show us that nothing is truly impossible. They take multi tasking to an entirely new level and when they are in alignment are SUPERHUMAN. Think Tony Robins, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. Here’s the kicker, just because ManGen’s are so capable doesn’t mean they should fill their schedules to the brim. On the contrary these types need open spaces in their calendar, void of commitments, to thrive. Make sure to schedule slots of uninterrupted creative time, or better yet UNSCHEDULE things from your day, week, month, and find the balance you so desperately seek.
The Seven Authorities Also Known As Your Intuition:
Authority can be better interpreted or understood as intuition. It’s how your intuition communicates with you about decisions.
Emotional authority is all about gaining insight from your emotions on any given situation. Since emotions are constantly changing clarity comes over time. The best time to make a decision is when you are in a cool, calm and collected state.
Sacral authority is directly linked to your physical experience of excitement. When you sit up in a chair from excitement about something, that is an indication that it is in alignment for you and visa versa.
Splenic authority is an instant voice in the moment about something and often times it won’t make sense until after the fact.
Ego/Heart authority is all about wants. If you want it, don’t shame it, that’s your sign post to go after it. This includes fame, money, recognition, material things, impact, and power.
G Center authority requires you to speak about your options, when you share your thoughts with others you gain insight into what your decisions should be.
Mental authority is all about observation. It’s the key to clarity for you.
No Inner authority is all about giving yourself EXTRA, more than enough time, to make major decisions in your life. Don’t rush yourself and don’t let anyone else rush you either, you deserve to take the time to make sure you are making a choice that aligns with you and that’s in your best interest.
Lastly, it’s tempting to want to know everything there’s to know about your chart before you feel like you can really benefit from it’s information (and surely we just scratched the surface). So my biggest tip is to play with one piece of information, let’s say an aspect of your energy type or experimenting with your unique intuition so that you can see this information come alive in your life in real time. This will build trust in the information as you see things start to shift and change for the better in your life.

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