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Brilliant Black Toothbrush Terra & Co

Ditch plastic in favor of Terra & Co.’s sustainable natural bamboo toothbrush. Made with  BPA-free, soft-to-medium bristles infused with activated charcoal to double the teeth whitening effect! Safe for you. Better for Mother Earth!


  • Effective on teeth and gums.
  • Sleek and comfortable round water-resistant bamboo handle that won’t warp, splinter, or soften.
  • Naturally occurring anti-bacterial ingredients extracted from Mother Earth work to eliminate plaque buildup and promote healthy oral wellbeing.
  • Durably made from the fastest growing plant on earth.

How to use 

Gently brush in a circular motion at least twice a day, every day, or as directed by a Dentist. Great for those with sensitive teeth and gums. For children under 2 years please consult with your Dentist or Physician. Try oil pulling prior to brushing and don’t forget to floss!





99% biodegradable & compostable




Our beautiful zero-waste recycled paper packaging and toothbrush are completely recyclable. Once enjoyed, remove bristles and discard them into your designated recycling bin. The environmentally sound handle can be upcycled or composted once the paint is removed. Stay on top of oral hygiene and environmental impact.


solid bamboo handle, activated charcoal-infused BPA-free bristles


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