Tamra Copper Water Bottle


Inspired by the Ayurvedic practice of tamra jal – or, storing water in copper vessels – this luxe bottle is crafted from natural copper, which is believed to help neutralize toxins as it ionizes and balances the pH of water.

How to use: For best results, fill your bottle the night before, or six hours before drinking. Drink one glass first thing in the morning, and 2-3 glasses throughout the day. Replace with fresh water every evening. Only fill with tap or filtered water at room temperature – this means no juices, smoothies, coffee, or flavored water of any kind.

  • Copper
  • Food-grade silicone seal
  • Cotton and metallic tassels
  • Hand wash
  • Imported


  • 30 oz.
  • 10.5″H, 3″ diameter