Four Moon’s estheticians customize services to your specific skin type and needs. The essence of crystals and the power of energy work are infused into all of our beauty and healing treatments. Call us at (760) 436-5140 or click here to book an appointment today.

Four Moons Facial – from $140

Customized for your specific skin type, and the phases of the moon, this Organic facial is for perfect for
everyone.  Utilizing the amazing Organic Eminence products, utilizing the latest in plant technologies, this facial will purify,
hydrate and nourish, brighten or soothe depending on your skin’s specific needs. You skin and spirit will thank you.

60 minutes $140 l 75 minutes $150 l 30 min petite $90

Sweet Cheeks Strawberry + Chocolate Organic Facial (February Featured Facial)

Turn up your skin’s radiance the natural way with this Eminence Organic Facial. This customized facial considers your particular skin type while incorporating a detox peel, masque on the face, shoulders and neck. The 90 minute version incorporates an additional foot treatment. Deeply relaxing and skin nourishing, this facial will only be available for a limited time.

60 minutes $150 l 75 minutes $170

Salude Organic Facial – from $140

Salud Organic Facial

This organic facial is the perfect blend of natural products to keep your skin glowing from our favorite local Skin Care Line, Salude. Using hand blended, high integrity organic ingredients, this skin treatment is suitable for all skin types and environmental sensitivities.

60 minutes – $140


Rose Quartz Gem Essence Facial – $175

Experience all the benefits and customization of our Four Moons Facial while basking in all the feels of
this healing Rose Quartz Gem Essence Facial. Rose quartz is used throughout this special treatment to
evoke the feeling of unconditional love. Products are applied to the skin using our rose quartz crystal
facial rollers to ensure maximum absorption and benefit. Guests experience this facial laying on a infrared
mat infused with crystals at the heart chakra and enjoy relaxing massage with a gem infused oil and are invited to try a few drops of one of our signature Gem Essense: Deep Love.

75 Minutes $175

Cosmic C Age Reversing – $160

Slow down and reverse premature aging and the effects of sun damage with this amazing anti-aging
treatment. By utilizing the power of Naturopathica’s Vitamin C15, potent antioxidants, and corrective
botanical extracts, the skin is revitalized, resulting in firmer, brighter skin. A once a month must for beach loving, jet setters and surfers alike.
75 Minutes $160


Lymphatic Massage Facial – $175

All of the benefits and customization of the Four Moons Facial with extra added Lymphatic drainage massage which gently yet effectively carries away toxins, excess water and smooths away stress and anxiety leaving your skin and face looking younger and more vibrant.

75 minutes $175

Luminous – $225


This luxurious Bio-Energy Lift treatment delivers instant skin rejuvenation by accelerating cellular respiration, bringing fatigued, over-stressed skin back to life. Skin becomes re-energized with Naturopathica’s Energize & Firm Collection—a blend of a Copper & Amino Acid Complex, peptides, vitamins and minerals to firm, lift and revitalize the skin. You and your skin will luminate after this luxurious and deeply relaxing treatment.

90 minutes $225

Add-ons: Enzyme Peel + $20

Back Facial – $150

The ultimate treatment for your back.  As you lay face down on the table, your back is cleansed,  exfoliated and
extractions are performed if needed.  A purifying mask is applied and then a relaxing mini massage is used to drive in deeply hydrating products to normalize and beautify the skin

60 minutes $150

The Pure Cure Zit Treatment: 15 mins + $20
Extra massage: 15 minutes  + $20