Our body treatment offerings are created to respond to your individual needs by deeply relaxing and nourishing your physical body and skin.  Experienced in a beautiful unique environment, these offerings include Massage, Hammam Experiences, Body Scrubs and Body Wraps.

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Four Moons Custom Massage

Our signature full body massage is customized to your body’s specific needs with pressure varying from gentle and relaxing to firm and therapeutic. This massage promotes relaxation, circulation and overall wellness. *Recommended Supermoon enhancement: hot stones, DP hot treatment

Cupping Massage

Revel in the healing benefits of this ancient therapy in which a therapist places specially designed cups on the skin to create a gentle suction. Cupping stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow, relieves pain and releases tense muscles, improving overall health by removing the energy blockages that TCM practitioners identify as barriers to the flow of healthy energy or qi.

Outdoor Bungalow Massage

Performed outdoors in our Balinese Bungalow next to a relaxing waterfall, experience the magic of this full body massage. Customized to your body’s specific needs, this massage promotes relaxation, circulation and overall wellness and this treatment starts with an outdoor salt foot soak.

Mellow Mama Massage

This prenatal massage is customized to the specific needs of the expecting mama during 2nd or 3rd trimesters. This massage benefits mom-to-be and baby by promoting relaxation, improving circulation and reducing swelling. Not recommend for expecting mamas in the 1st Trimester. *Recommended Post treatment Enhancement: Hydration IV

Lunar Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove toxins from the bodily tissues and reduce inflammation. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up. *Recommended Post treatment Enhancement: Infrared Sauna, Hydration IV, Detox IV

Four Moons Four Hands

Experience twice the love with our four-hands massages. Two therapists and four-hands is like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Your body is a canvas onto which our therapists choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures and synchronized moves.


Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet profound therapy that enables unwinding and integration on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Creating a space of deep relaxation, a gentle invitation allows the body to release tension and heal. This is done by accessing the physical structures (a type of fascia called meninges) that surround the brain and spinal cord, as well as the fascia that extends throughout the body. The fascia is responsible for connecting our entire physical body. Our body is an amazing reservoir of memory, strength, and adaptability. With CST, it’s possible to detect and harmonize the tissues and the nervous system, restoring optimal function, movement and expression on all levels. *Recommended Supermoon enhancement: Phytomer Seawater Soak

Body Treatments

The Hammam Experience

Inspired by bathing cultures of the world, this signature treatment begins with exfoliation using our Moroccan black olive soap, followed by a exfoliating scrub experienced in our marble Hammam room. The scrub is followed by a 45 minute hydrating full body massage. This transformative experience will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. Following the treatment, you are invited to relax in our gardens while enjoying a Moroccan Mint tea. *Recommended Supermoon enhancement: Pre-Treatment Infrared Sauna

Self Guided Scrub / Hammam

Inspired by the bathing cultures of the world, you can set the pace in this private self-guided treatment in our beautiful marble Hammam room. Guests will exfoliate and hydrate their entire body with a scrub, mask and moisturizer that we provide for this self-led experience. *Recommended Supermoon enhancement: Pre-Treatment Infrared Sauna

Hammam Scrub

This signature treatment includes an exfoliating scrub using our Moroccan black olive soap, followed by a exfoliating scrub experienced in our marble Hammam room.

Contouring Body Scrub

One blissful hour to a resculpted body. Phytomer’s silky marine based multi-exfoliant offers an integral beauty experience by combining three major esthetic actions in a single treatment: contouring, firmness and improved skin quality. The scrub is followed by a massage and application of Shaping Contour Balm. * Recommended enhancement: The Slimmer IV or Nutritional Shot

Soothing Body Scrub

This signature treatment combines a complete exfoliation and a fully encompassing body massage for an exceptional feeling of well-being. Tension melts away leaving a deep sense of relaxation and visibly more even skin texture and smoother, softer skin. The scrub is followed by a Spa Replenishing Body Massage using Phytomer’s Bi-Phase Massage Concentrate with Oligomer. *Recommended Supermoon enhancement: Slimmer IV or Nutritional Shot

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap

This treatment is based on the renowned esthetical technique of heat wrapping. Gentle exfoliation using a marine sponge at the start of the treatment stimulates the epidermis. Phytomer’s detoxifying contouring marine body mask is then applied to the whole body and is activated by a gentle warmth diffused by a heated blanket. Guests enjoy a relaxing scalp and neck massage while the wrap works it’s magic. A total body massage and moisture application complete the treatment. *Recommended Supermoon Enhancements: Pre-wrap Soak and Infrared Sauna

Balancing Pink Clay & Rose Body Wrap

Pink Clay has been used throughout the ages for its healing, cooling, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Refined, sundried pink clay is blended with rose essential oils to deep clean, purify and tone the skin. Your journey to balance begins with a full body wrap with a deeply relaxing scalp and foot massage followed by a shower and hydrating application massage. *Recommended Supermoon enhancement: Pre-wrap Soak and Sauna

Infrared Sauna

While sauna therapy has been known for centuries as a way to detoxify the body, full-spectrum infrared saunas go even further by heating your body’s core at a cellular level where most toxins are stored. Benefits of infrared sauna include: Circulation, Nitric Oxide, Blood Vessel Health, Antioxidant, Sleep Quality, and Relaxation. Complimentary chilled water and towels are included.

About Us

Four Moons Spa offers beauty, healing + wellness experiences that honor the whole human. Inviting and inspiring guests to encounter self-actualization at each layer of their being, our safe and supportive environment is yours for rest, relaxation + transformation.

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