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We recognize that a lot of healing and learning occur in the mystical realms, we refer to this layer as essence. Essence is our energy body. While a less tangible layer by nature, this is where we play with self-expression, energy healing, astrology and our relationship to the energetic world. The Mystics who have chosen to share their gifts with the Four Moons community have spent their lives seeking the light and living in authentic truth. We are Over the Moon to share their gifts. Each experience is unique to you as you are ultimately guiding the experience.


Kim Hassey

Venessa La Rocque

Jazmine Amelia

Diana Seuffert

Transformational Empathic Healer, Diana Seuffert connects to the divine presence of God while aligning with love and light only to access her unique gift of intuitive guidance and healing. She is able to receive pertinent channeled information to help facilitate true transformational healing which brings forth life changing results in a very charismatic and uplifting way! With full confidentiality Diana receives this information often uncovering what is beneath the surface to help initiate a positive outcome for each individual and their unique life experience. This support helps progress you beyond the limits of your known reality. As the density of past experiences, fears and conditioning are dissolved by love; you are given a fresh opportunity to live the life you have always imagined. During your session unconditional love and understanding will permeate your being to eliminate all that is less than self-love. One's self worth will be restored as the truth of your heart is revealed during a session with Diana, giving you increased joy, confidence, and a renewed sense of vitality.

***Diana Seuffert is a visiting healer, please see our Upcoming Events page for upcomings classes, events and offerings.

Shannon Aganza

Astrologer extraordinaire, Shannon Aganza has over 20 years experience with A-list clients all over the globe. Drawing on her own substantial intuitive powers as well and her unparalleled knowledge of Astrology, a reading with Shannon is an uplifting, empowering and life-changing experience. In addition to private readings, Shannon leads Full Moon Circles and teaches a variety of classes and workshops on a wide range of topics. Her classes are designed to help participants develop their own “spiritual hygiene routines” with topics like space clearing, numerology, Living by the Moon cycles, and more!


***Shannon is a visiting healer, please see our Upcoming Events page for upcomings classes, events and offerings.

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