Four Moon’s approach to health and wellness combines the latest treatments with ancient wisdom. Our trusted therapists, practitioners + healers are the finest in their fields, guiding our guests with unparalleled expertise, care and grace. We strive to raise the frequency of our planet by starting within.

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Transformational Healing with Diana

Diana receives channeled information specific to you in order to help facilitate true transformational healing and bring forth life-changing results. The information received often uncovers what is hidden beneath the surface; bringing to light what needs healing in order to initiate a positive and lasting outcome. This divine support helps progress you beyond the limits of your known reality. As the density of past experiences, fears, programs and conditioning are dissolved by love you are given a fresh opportunity to live the life you have always imagined.
60 mins $175 | 90 mins $260 | 120 mins $350

Astrology Reading with Shannon

A private astrological session with our beloved Master Astrologer and Intuitive Extraordinaire, Shannon Aganza, includes extensive reading and interpreting of your astrological chart along with intuitive guidance. A transformative experience.
First Reading: 2 hrs $300 minutes $200

Spirit Reading

This session is facilitated by Kim Bottalla, who connects with your personal spiritual team
(and loved ones) to receive information from these divine pure energies. The focus is placed on the issues that are the most important to you and where you are seeking guidance. The information you receive can provide clarity and a map towards living your purpose.
30 minutes $65 | 45 minutes $125 | 60 minutes $145

Medical Medium

This session is facilitated by Sarah Martin, who specializes in healing the root cause of disease, disorders, emotional blocks, and injuries. She facilitates the transformation of emotional blocks and unwanted life patterns and teaches you how to connect and receive answers from your soul’s guidance system. Sarah provides a solid, safe container for the unfolding, deepening, and healing. She is known for facilitating physical healing when all other options and modalities have been exhausted and is very familiar with seeing the impossible become possible.
First time ( 90 to 120 minutes ) $250 follow-up $165

Energy Mastery® Session

Energy Mastery® sessions are facilitated by Nick Hansinger, President of Energy Mastery®. These sessions provide a deep cleanse of all the layers of buildup in your energetic anatomy, including aura, chakras and physiology, as well as releasing the mental and emotional traumas in the psychology and soul. A healing session with Nick is the solution for removing limiting beliefs, blocks to money, love and success, as well as a release of physical, mental and emotional pain.
Nick is a master practitioner who provides a safe, yet strong space for healing and personal transformation. Healing miracles are commonplace in his world as he removes the obstacles to your highest nature and perfect divine expression; your enlightened Self.
60 Min Session $200

About Us

Rooted in authenticity, integrity and innovation — Four Moons is passionate about beauty, healing and wellness our mission is to curate a high-vibrational, nurturing environment that supports our guests on their self-care and self-actualization journeys.

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