The Founders of Four Moons Spa (the wildly popular modern beauty, healing + wholeness SPAce), bring you “What’s Your Download?,” a podcast on reaching self-actualization and becoming the best version of yourself. Hosts and Four Moons’ founders, Courtney Mars and Letha Sandison hold honest, heart-centered conversations with healers and insightful minds, inviting guests to share their passions, expertise and recent “downloads”. What’s a download you ask? A download explains the process of receiving a hit or influx of knowledge—like a gut feeling, that inner-knowing, spiritual epiphany, random bout of inspiration or aha moments that occur. We are over the moon to have you join us on this journey!
  • Episode 16

    Episode 16

    Rita’s a yogi, artist, and trauma-informed practitioner who uses her intuitive wisdom to support others in a journey of healing immersed in heart space work. Listen and learn a new level of acceptance and understanding of your trauma response whether it be fight, flight, freeze, or carry on. Click her to book an appointment with Rita! (Link: Don't forget to give us five stars,...
  • Episode 15

    Episode 15

    Mars is Going Into Retrograde with Shannon Aganza Shannon Aganza, Four Moons Mystic and Astrologer, lets us in on everything we need to know as we transition into this season of refinement. Listen to learn best practices for the Mars retrograde cycle and impactful words and perspective we need for our benefit during this time. Click here to book an appointment with Shannon! Don't...
  • Episode 14

    Episode 14

    Human Design expert, Ilona Barnhart, helps humans connect to who they were destined to be before they became what the world told them to be. Listen and learn how to read your chart, different aura types, and the best way to make decisions according to your energetics. Click here to book an appointment with Ilona! Don't forget to give us five stars, follow, and leave...
  • Episode 13

    Episode 13

    We were today years old when we learned all that a Chiropractor can do for our body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Lianna Hunt, Four Moons Spa's Healer, busts myths about "cracking our bones" and expresses how she holds space for health, wellbeing, and healing in her practices. Her intention and focuses are on pain relief, pattern interpretation, and the individual’s potential to unlock energy...
  • Episode 12 | Cynthia Kane

    Episode 12

    Is how you speak kind, honest, helpful, and necessary? Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and Best-Selling Author, Cynthia Kane, has helped thousands of people change their way of communicating. In this episode, she teaches us the Elements of Rights Speech in Buddhism and guides us on how to better nurture ourselves during moments of negative self-talk. Click here to connect with Cynthia! Don't forget...
  • Episode 10 | Willow Buckley

    Episode 10

    Willow Buckley CCH, is a certified classical homeopath, labor doula, and prenatal yoga teacher. In this episode, Willow busts myths and shares her wisdom on how to prevent exposure to illnesses and ways protect our immune system. Whether its acute or chronic issues, Willow has a homeopathic remedy for you! Click here to connect with Willow! Don't forget to give us five stars, follow,...
  • Episode 11 |  Dr. Hannah Lollar

    Episode 11

    If you're on the hunt for a remedy to heal your body and mind - skip your trip to Whole Foods and listen to this episode with Dr. Hannah Lollar. Our Four Moons' Naturopathic doctor educates us on the benefits of flower essences, peptides that boost libido, how to "stimulate your V's" and so much more! Click here to book and appointment with Dr....
  • Episode 09 | Kim Hassey

    Episode 09

    Wondering when you will call in the one, finally land your dream gig or curious what messages spirit has for you?  Four Moons’ Cosmic Mystic Psychic, Kim Hassey, gives us a peek into her unique process and channels her higher divine self and guides as she does a reading for our hosts Courtney and Letha. Take a moment to listen in as Kim tap...
  • Episode 08 | Julie Hovsepian

    Episode 08

    Julie Hovsepian, herbalist and founder of In A Golden State, took a leap of faith and said the biggest yes to her energetic gifts after 13 year long career as a music executive. Be inspired to take a chance on your calling, and learn which healing herbs everyone should have stocked in their cabinets! Click here to learn more about In A Golden State! ...
  • Episode 07 | Megan Monahan

    Episode 07

    Meditation teacher and author Megan Monahan is passionate about making meditation accessible and relatable for all. She shares how her body shutting down in her early 20s was the pivotal moment in her life that led her to become a Chopra certified instructor, teaching thousands to meditate through her platform as well as her modern guide to meditation - "Don't Hate, Meditate!"
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