Four Moons Spa is passionate about beauty, healing + wellness. Our packages are designed to help you fully immerse into the experience and are a great way to commit to self-care. Call us at (760) 436-5140 or click here to book an appointment today.

The Mellow Moon

The perfect combo to relax and restore. This package includes 60 Minute Customized Four Moons Massage + 60 minute Four Moons Facial.

The Full Moon

Inspired by Full Moon Rituals, this experience begins with an Infrared Sauna and Salt Soak in our outdoor tub then moves inside for a Body Scrub, Massage, and a Facial. This journey is the ultimate in self-care. This journey ends with a cup of tea and journaling about what you would like to release and let go from your life, while receiving a nutritional IV to support detoxification.

New Moon

Inspiried by New Moon Rituals, the new moon is a time of initiation and new beginnings. It is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life. This journey begins with journaling your intentions on what you would like to call into your life while receiving a Nutritional IV and is followed by a Foot Soak and Four Moons Signature Full Body Massage.

Over the Moon Spa Day

The ultimate experience to promote beauty inside and out. The day starts with a detoxifying Infrared Sauna; Guided Hammam Experience then ends with an Illuminating Facial while receiving a Beauty Nutritional IV.

Gemini Package

Experience the self guided hammam treatment with another and then go on to separate treatment rooms to experience two Four Moons 60-min massages.

IV Package

Series of 6 IVs

Infrared Sauna Package

Series of 6 Infrared Sauna Sessions

To Purchase a Year of Series, please contact us at 760.436.5140.