Facial Sculpting Massage


This transformative facial is a powerful physical and energetic release. Using intuitive movement with massage this technique lifts, tones, strengthens, and relaxes the facial muscles without surgery or fillers. I work with the client’s energy to feel where there are unconscious tension patterns and energy blockages. Together the massage, gua sha and facial cupping realigns the client’s facial posture and relieves them of emotional stress and anxiety that has been trapped in the shoulders, neck and facial muscles. 

This treatment is amazing for clients who clench their jaw or grind their teeth and can bring relief to those who suffer with TMJ and tension headaches. The massage encourages the facial lymphatic fluid to circulate and brings fresh oxygenated blood to the skin cells, nourishing the skin and creating a radiant complexion that starts from within. At the end, I perform the Buccal Massage, an internal facial that focuses on the muscles that surround the mouth, lips, and the inside of the cheeks. It specifically lifts and tones the drooping of the jowls (the lower region of the chin), contours the cheekbones and plumps the lips. The buccal massage is amazing at removing excess fluid that settles in the soft tissues surrounding the mouth, and enhances the natural curvature and bone structure of the face. Massaging this delicate region improves blood circulation, stimulates repair pathways in the skin, and promotes younger-looking tissue. When done regularly, this massage technique has the power to actually change the shape of your face, and help you release trapped emotions. This will leave your face looking and feeling younger, and your Shen/spirit lighter and brighter!


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By Dr. Alexa Woods

Alexa Woods is a licensed Acupuncturist and board-certified herbalist. She holds her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College and a BA in Developmental Psychology from New York University. She is also a Certified Doula and Reiki Master. The focus of her treatments is to help connect you with your highest health and radiance. Alexa is especially passionate about working with women’s health! She has worked with women to address their unique gynecological and reproductive issues. She loves endocrinology, focusing on returning to cyclical living to help women navigate their hormonal phases and changes throughout their lives.

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