Winter Skin Love


Ring in the new year with our nourishing skin tips!  As we settle into the beginning of 2023 after a bustling holiday season, we wanted to offer some beautiful skincare tips for each of you to hold on to and carry into this month. 


  • Facial massage: Take a moment out of your day to slow down with a few drops of your favorite facial oil (we love the Eminence Facial Recovery Oil!) and gently massage the skin. Work from the inside of the face outwards and always bring your product and massage down to the neck and chest. This will support lymphatic flow as well as muscle relaxation & connectedness with the self.


  • Skin loving herbs: Support your skin from the inside out with an herb called Dandelion root. Add a cup of this organic tea into your daily ritual to not only enhance and clear hormonally imbalanced skin but to also support the liver and its detoxification. A great addition for anyone feeling sluggish after the holidays. 


  • Winter skin: With cooler weather among us, our heaters may be keeping us toasty but our skin is more prone to dryness and dehydration during this time of year. Consider adding in some extra hydration to your skin ritual by keeping a humidifier at your bedside or a weekly hydrating mask (our favorite is the Eminence Firm Skin Açaí Masque). Humidifiers are beautiful for keeping skin supple and a weekly mask that is high in hyaluronic acid will kick that winter dryness. 

By Audrey Allain, Four Moons Spa Esthetician  

Take what is needed and leave the rest as always! Feel free to share which tips are supporting you & tag us @fourmoonsspa 

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