• Acupuncture Treatments

    Acupuncture Treatments

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where there is stagnation or blockage of Qi, there is disease. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, painless needles into these points to mobilize the flow of Qi through these meridians in therapeutic ways. The effects of having Qi flow—aka receiving acupuncture— will leave you feeling more vitality, clarity, creativity, happiness and health. Acupuncture is great for relieving...
  • Facial Sculpting Massage

    Facial Sculpting Massage

    This transformative facial is a powerful physical and energetic release. Using intuitive movement with massage this technique lifts, tones, strengthens, and relaxes the facial muscles without surgery or fillers. I work with the client’s energy to feel where there are unconscious tension patterns and energy blockages. Together the massage, gua sha and facial cupping realigns the client’s facial posture and relieves them of emotional...
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture

    Cosmetic Acupuncture

    Facial acupuncture is a natural approach to improving the health of your skin from the inside out. Healthy skin begins with healthy organs and balanced hormones. Facial acupuncture addresses the root of skin concerns like acne and aging by balancing the body as a whole. For example, when the lungs are strengthened it benefits the skin, when the liver is supported it brightens the...
  • Cupping


    Cupping is a technique that uses fire and glass cups to create suction that encourages blood and lymph to flow, easing tension, bloating and stress. The skin and superficial fascia of the body are pulled up gently into the cup, drawing stagnant toxins, heat, energy, or fluid out to the surface. This results in “sha”, aka petechiae, which looks like hickey marks, where each...
  • Ear Seeds

    Ear Seeds

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the ear is seen as a microcosm of our entire body. With more than 200 acupuncture points found in the ear, seeding the ears helps stimulate the blood flow and activate these points using tiny seeds instead of Acupuncture needles. The 24K Gold seeds have healing properties, as Gold is believed in Chinese medicine to move blood and invigorate...
  • IV Therapy

    IV Therapy

    Embark on a transformative journey to revitalize your body and unleash your full potential with the captivating power of Vitamin IV Therapy! By delivering essential vitamins directly into your bloodstream, vitamin IV therapy offers a powerful boost to your body's healing and rejuvenation processes. Fatigue and Low Energy Levels: If you find yourself constantly fatigued or battling low energy levels, vitamin IV therapy can...
  • Pain Management, Perineural injection therapy

    Pain Management, Perineural injection therapy

    A safe and effective alternative to pain management for those seeking holistic approaches. Perineural injection therapy (neural prolotherapy) is a revolutionary therapy used for inflamed or injured nerves. Chronic nerve pain is often due to trauma, arthritis, sports, overuse, occupational, and surgical injuries. Perineural injection therapy can be used to treat conditions including but not limited to frozen shoulder, migraines, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome,...
  • NAD+


    Whether you're seeking increased energy, improved brain function, support with addiction recovery, or anti-aging effects; unleash the power of NAD+ and experience the transformative effects it can have on your life. Embrace vitality, age gracefully, and thrive with NAD+ IV therapy. NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that plays a vital role in numerous cellular processes. By harnessing its power through IV therapy,...
  • Initial Consultation

    Initial Consultation

    Initial Consultation At this visit, our Naturopathic doctor will gather in depth information of your current symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and perform pertinent physical exams. Your doctor will then order comprehensive functional labs based on the assessment. After your visit, your doctor will provide a comprehensive treatment plan best addressed to meet your individualized needs including nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, botanical medicine, procedures, and pharmaceuticals...
  • Free Consultation

    Free Consultation

    Free Consultation Wondering what it is like to work with a Naturopathic Doctor and if it is right for you?  Do you have a specific health concern or do you want to learn more about how a naturopathic doctor can support you in optimizing your health? Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call with our Naturopathic Doctor today to learn more. It is the...
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