About Meganne

Meganne is a health coach with a focus on body image. She teaches women techniques to help them live healthier lives through mindset changes and a curated methodology that helps them intuitively connect with their body. This psychology + somatic based approach is essential for sustainably changing a person's view of self so they can start to appreciate their body from a place of compassion instead of judgment. She is a certified yoga instructor, certified meditation & mindfulness teacher and a stress management guide. Meganne uses these modalities to facilitate a transformation of mind through a holistic healing process so women can step into a body they love. She is trained in the subjects of eating disorders, body image, emotional regulation, stress management, hormone health and intuitive eating.


EmBODYment Sessions–a combination of movement, breathwork, hands on assist, stress management, trauma + grief processing, somatic work and health coaching to help you connect back to yourself in a way that leaves you feeling aligned, confident and worthy.

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