of the Cosmic Collective

Everyday at the Moons is an opportunity to move, breathe, and be still. Join our incredible teachers who bring their own unique expression, passion and creativity to Four Moons classes making each class a true experience.


Dani Parker

Come Alive is an immersive yoga experience with breathwork + energy healing with more invigorating and mindful movement.

Alison Midollo

Reiki and Restore is a class to help you slow down into stillness using breathing, gentle stretching, and longer held postures followed by Reiki and chakra balancing.

Rita James

Restorative Wellness Experience and Rituals of Movement is a devoted practice dedicated to the restoration of mind, body, spirit through the exploration and tracking of your nervous system to help you attain cohesiveness through thoughtful movements.

Karen Wiggins

Ease into the evening is a replenishing and restorative practice that will allow your mind and body to unwind from the busyness of the day and prepare you for a restful night's sleep.

Libby Carstensen

Libberated YOGA is kundalini-inspired practice with breath work that incorporates the neuroscience of change, Qigong, and the foundation of mindfulness for a practice that will leave you enlivened, grounded, and better at feeling.

Lauren Dabbs

Alignment flow is a dynamic class that focuses on alignment in the body and connection to breath to help you balance the mind.

Mary Stockton

Transformational breath is a unique form of breath work that assists in creating an open, healthy breath by facilitating a natural healing process by using the diaphragm to oxygenate, detoxify and relax the body and mind.

Sara Ann Aerts

Slow Flow and Reiki + Restore cultivates awareness and alignment of body, mind and spirit by connecting your breath with your movement while receiving hands on Reiki at the end.

Ashley Kellog

Buti Yoga brings together simple yoga asanas, primal movements, cardio and intuitive dance for a fun workout that will make you sweat and help release negative energy and trauma from the body.

Armani Abuerto

A Slow Flow accompanied by live music to help you move mindfully and relax into each posture to build strength.

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